Redefining Indian Agri Ecosystem

With a technology-driven Agri ecosystem for Indian farmers, KrishiHub is reducing crop wastage from farm to fork, increasing farmer income and improving farm productivity.

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Why a Full Stack Agri Ecosystem?

Agriculture in India follows a long chain of inter-dependent stages. In order to solve the problems of Indian farmers at the grassroots level, it is imperative to build a holistic model. This is where a "Full Stack" Agri Ecosystem comes in.

Our platform reduces crop wastage by operating an fully managed supply chain for fresh produce giving more income in the hands of farmers. We are also trying to improve farm productivity by providing Agri advisory to farmers across India, enabling them to make better data-driven decisions.

KrishiHub for Businesses

KrishiHub runs a fully managed supply chain starting from procurement until the products are delivered to the customer's doorstep.


A fully managed supply chain ensures that every crop is traceable from farm to fork that passes through our platform.


Our strict multi-stage quality check ensures that our customers get produces as per their grade requirements in every single order.

Demand Prediction

We use Artificial Intelligence to predict demand in advance which gives better visibility to farmers and reduces crop wastage.

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KrishiHub for Farmers

KrishiHub offers an advisory platform to farmers across the country to gain up to date knowledge on pricing, cultivation best practices, disease management, and much more.

Multi Lingual

We support 7 languages on our platform to ensure that farmers from any part of India are able to use the service in the local language.

Real Time

Our advisory is dynamic and location-aware. This enables farmers to get advisory as per their location, climate, and crop preference.

Social Forum

Our social platform lets farmers talk to other farmers in their preferred language, gain knowledge on the latest developments, and share their own expertise.

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Agri Library by KrishiHub

Agri Library by KrishiHub provides latest crop information, agri advisories, schemes and policies related to Indian agriculture sector to farmers across the country.

Crop Advisory

We provide detailed knowledge base on cultivation, land preparation, best practices and more on 100+ organic and non-organic crops.

News, Schemes and Policies

We manage a curated collection of latest news, Government schemes and policies in Indian agriculture.

Modern Farming Techniques

We provide various information, tutorial and articles for organic farming and latest technologies available for modern farming techniques.

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